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What is Modern Calligraphy?

The word Calligraphy means “Beautiful Writing” and is often considered one of the highest art forms. Calligraphy dates back to as far as 3000 BCE or earlier and developed across many geographies and cultures such as Chinese Calligraphy, Arabia, and Europe. Various Calligraphers have developed different styles that range from a simple script to highly artistic styles. The traditional calligraphy that most people are familiar with can be traced back to the middle ages in Europe where scribes in monasteries would copy passages from the Bible using beautiful and sometimes ornate calligraphic script. Over time, calligraphy has undergone many changes and seen countless variations, resulting in a rich history of forms. The most recent of these styles to develop has often been called ‘Modern Calligraphy.’

Modern Calligraphy is not as rigid in form as traditional calligraphy but is a fluid, playful style and remains a beautiful art. Calligraphy as an art form has seen a comeback in recent times as it is accessible to everyone with minimal tools needed to create a piece of art. The only tools needed to write is a standard ink pen and a piece of paper or a card to write on.  More advanced Calligraphers use a specialized nip-pen, a brush and a bottle of ink to create beautiful Calligraphic Art.

Included Tools and Materials

  • Ink
  • Nib
  • Nib Holder
  • Calligraphy Writing Pad
  • Lettering and Drills Worksheets
  • Themed Edition Lettering Worksheets
  • Themed Edition Quote Exemplars
  • Themed Edition Handpainted Card
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Modern Calligraphy Workshops

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