Art Jamming Singapore

Art is a wonderful hobby and team sports are fun. What if we combined the two? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Art Jamming is when a group of people get together and explore creativity, and joy through art.

Heartroom Gallery now offers Art Jamming sessions in Singapore. Art jamming is a great opportunity for you to relax, unwind and explore new things. It also gives you a chance to meet like-minded people and an excellent way to end the monotony or your regular meet-ups and parties. Art Jamming is bound to become your favorite thing to do on the weekends. Imagine the idea of just relaxing and creating something combined with the joy of sharing with your good friends. Art Jamming is for everyone, individuals, friends, couples and families.

Heartroom Gallery also caters for parties and team building events. Contact Us for more information.

About our Art Jamming

Art Jamming at Heartroom Gallery includes the following:

  1. Two hours of painting at $40 per session.
  2. Choice of canvas sizes ( 6X6, 8X8, 7X9, 12X12, 10X14).
  3. Acrylic Paints included.
  4. Some guidance is included.

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You are welcome to bring your food and BYO. Just bring along your own disposable utensils.

Art Jamming Singapore - Heartroom Gllaery

We are now a private home art jamming studio where you can paint in the privacy of a home.

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How does Art Jamming work?

An Art Jam typically involves a group of 10 or more and lasts for approximately 2-3 hours. You could gather a group of friends, as a couple, with family, with neighbors, or even sign up individually and make new friends. The main idea is to let the creativity flow and to let everyone explore their artistic side. There is no prerequisite to know how to paint or draw. Ideally, a session like this is non-guided. However, if there is an instructor present, assistance is happily rendered, answering questions about the materials. Art Jamming is for absolutely anyone and everyone!

What Does It Involve?

Every member has access to all the necessary art supplies and chooses to create whatever they like. The group could create an individual piece together, or everybody could also work on their art piece. A typical Art Jamming session also involves a discussion at the beginning for everyone to get to know each other (if required) and to decide on the details like a theme for the paintings. However, there are no hard and fast rules, much like any other kind of artistic activity. The main aim is to enjoy the process and help each other out through it. Food,  wine, and some fun music are often involved in enhancing the happy atmosphere.

Want Guidance?

Art Jamming is great a great social way to spend your time doing something you love. However, if we do want guidance then sign up for our art classes at the Heartroom Gallery.

We have classes Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Folk Art Painting, Manga Drawing, and Chinese Brush Painting.